Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Arizona Field Trips/Butterfly Wonderland

butterfly wonderland
Butterflies as Big as Your Hand!
We took a great field-trip last week to the new Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale, Arizona. I recommend it highly. Here is the rundown, it is expensive, $9.95 for kids and $18.95 for adults and it doesn't take very long to explore the Butterfly Wonderland especially if you have energetic or older children, however, for the experience alone, you have to go at least once. I recommend going before your children are too old to really enjoy it, although some adults have said they could spend hours at this place.
We are studying pollination in Apologia Botany, so this field-trip fit into our lessons perfectly. My son, who is seven enjoyed it the most. In the butterfly garden they have butterflies as big as your hand that land on you randomly. It is just beautiful. They also have a room with poisonous Arizona insects, a traditional aunt farm and an aunt farm crafted for a space mission. One of the highlights of the trip was the in closed bee hive where you could find the queen bee and watch her in action.
Butterfly wonderland
Thousands of Butterflies in Flight
These are actual pictures that we took. Aren't they beautiful!? They also have a fantastic movie on the migration of the Monarchs that is included in the price. I highly recommend this field-trip, just know that you need to budget for it. There is a cafe, however it was pricey as well. I recommend taking a sack lunch or leaving for lunch and returning for the afternoon to get your moneys worth. Finally, the gift shop did have some lovely items, however highly over priced. Are you catching a theme of "over-priced"? We purposed to stop by the Dollar Tree for souvenirs at the end.

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