Friday, August 2, 2013

Space Station Unit Study

We did a space station build last spring that was so much fun and integrated several areas of study and review. I want to say upfront that some of the pictures are not the greatest but I wanted to capture exactly what the kids came up with. It is so important with this type of activity to let them lead because they are learning as they apply the information. I want to encourage moms in general and especially homeschool moms to be more hands off with sensory activities and crafts. If you allow your children to apply what is in their imagination rather than what is in your own, in the long run you will get better learning results.

Oreo Moon Study
Phases of the Moon
We started with a study of the moon using Oreo cookies, this is an idea I picked up on Pinterest. Whenever we do a space study we use Apologia curriculum, Exploring Creation Through Astronomy. I love Apologia! It is perfect for multi-grade level teaching!

Planet Poster as Window Panel

At the beginning of the week my daughter made a poster of the planets that we incorporated out the west window of the space station.

Green Puppy Alien
My son used a Pringles can to make a telescope and attached a green puppy alien to the end.

ISS Space Station
Cardboard Boxes and Solar Panels
Solar panels were fashioned on several points from extra cardboard box pieces and dowel rods. The solar panels were attached around the space station to keep it running and we went to the ISS website where we found plans for a space station, life on a space station and links to follow the space station in your area. A trap door was cut for supplies (lunch) and the kids spent all day Friday using the Apologia book as their ISS manual having fun playing in their creation.

We also visited the Challenger Space Center as our field trip for this Unit Study.
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