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Expanding Problem Solving with Drama

Problem Solving and Drama
Expanding Problem Solving Skills with Drama Lessons
Researchers studied a program in Costa Rica, called Performance Studies that teaches participants to apply creative problem solving through the performing arts. During each performance session participants are given a problem, usually a social conflict, to work through in a pretend manner and an environment where they are safe to succeed or make mistakes. Results of this program suggest that practicing problem solving throughout this program grows the ability of the participants to more effectively use problem solving skills in everyday life contributing to the social and emotional growth of the participants and later success in college. Allowing your child opportunity for creative play actually grows their brain and develop problem solving skill necessary for college success later in life. While most children participate in creative play during their early years, as tween years approach you may need to give them a more formal outlet. There are several affordable alternatives throughout the Phoenix Metro area in the area of theatre arts. 
Community Center
A great place to start is your local community center. I like to start at the community center because the classes are usually 4 to 6 weeks in length giving students a short session to try something new and complete it before they make a longer more expensive commitment. Sometimes we have had to wait a season for a class to start however we have found sports, cooking, art, dance, beginning Spanish and drama classes offered for usually under $60 per student depending on the class. I paid $25 per student for drama. 
Valley Theatre Troops
If your student enjoys drama at the community center and you are ready to take it to the next level, Moezart Productions offers both entry level and advanced drama for an affordable price as well as Valley Youth Theatre.
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