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Duck Dynasty and Raising Children

Duck Dynasty Kids
Raising Duck Dynasty Kids
If you have followed my blogs for very long at all, you may have picked up on the fact that we are Duck Dynasty fans. For those of you who haven't watched it yet, Duck Dynasty is a reality show on A&E that follows the Robertson Family, a hilarious cast and crew that made their money in the Duck call business. When all the laughter dies down at Duck Commander, the Robertson's are revealed as a strong, Christian family that holds fast to Biblical values and a clean lifestyle, although they might not look so clean to the naked eye. Whether you have never watched the show or you are a big fan, there are some deep truths that the Robertson Family has been privileged to share on national television and I hope you will enjoy my quick run down.

Inner Beauty

Although the Robertson women are quite beautiful on the outside, they are also kind and seemingly beautiful on the inside too. Throughout the program episodes you can hear Phil Robertson repeating to his sons and grandsons how important it is to find a girl that has inner beauty. He says funny things like, "if she wears a lot of makeup she's likely hiding an ugly side." While this might make us giggle, it is really kind of true...What are we encouraging our daughters to do these days? look pretty or be pretty?

Purity Through Accountability

Another side splitter is the episode when John Luke brings home a date, thinking he is going to take her out in granddad's fishing boat...Much to his surprise Wise Man Phil tags along to drive the boat giving the two an embarrassing lecture on purity. Phil steps up to the plate and goes the extra mile, no matter how embarrassing it may seem to hold John Luke accountable and protect him from himself.

Work Ethic and Respecting Authority

Although most of the Duck Dynasty antics are centered around no work and all play, in reality they are hard workers and they teach their kids to be hard workers as well as respecting authority. It seems like there isn't an episode where one of the teenage grand kids aren't dropped off on Phil and Kay's doorstep to work. They cook, they clean, they hunt and then they do it again. I even remember a scene with one of the boys football buddy's working and what always strikes us about this is that they don't question what their grandpa Phil tells them to do. They just do it, if it is scary, dirty or painful, they do what they are told without question, even if it is for crazy Uncle Si.

Around the Dinner Table

Duck Dynasty ends each episode around a family dinner table, saying grace and thanking God for the blessings He has given them. The Robertson’s eat together, work together, pray together and play together. No matter how crazy they appear to be on TV, the reality is, they have built a successful family business and they still love each other enough to want to be in business together and still spend the rest of the day together.

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