Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ocean/H2O Unit Study

We kicked off our first week of school with an intense study of Ocean life and H2O. On Monday we finished a sort of "fill in the blank" diagram of the ocean floor.

I am not sure if you can see the detail in the painting, but I printed off pictures and labels and had the kids stick them to the painting as we read about that portion of the ocean floor. As a learning check at the end, I had them fill in pictures of what might live or swim where including a mini unmanned submarine for the ocean floor of the Abyss. We also read about the seven days of Creation and studied up on squids for our Tuesday Trip to...

Sea Life Aquarium Arizona, where we dissected a squid and toured the aquarium.

On Wednesday we studied H2O in depth including a demonstration of Evaporation and a worksheet on the Water Cycle. We also read the story of Noah's Ark in the Bible and studied the details of the discovery of the real Noah's Ark! That was a huge hit. I encourage you to click on the link and study it for yourself. It is truly fascinating. We finished our day with a GeoDrawing of Noah's Ark. You can learn more about GeoDrawing over at Fairy Dust Teaching.

On Thursday we finished our week with a study of Rainbows. We read about God's Promise to Noah and the symbol of the Rainbow. We read about what makes a rainbow and we made rainbow covers for our Noah's Ark GeoDrawing. We used paint, I recommend permanent marker as it will cover better. It is just a sheet protector with artwork on it.

We re-used some old CD's by studying them in the light; they reflected a rainbow. We hung them in the garden and the kids have been examining the reflections all week long.

We finished our day with water play outside, only we had a little something special, a huge block of ice with sea creatures frozen inside. I didn't get pictures of that but the idea came from Counting Coconuts.
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