Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anchors, Routines and Stations

Just like an anchor holds a boat in place, we have anchors both literal and figurative that keep our homeschool afloat and establish our daily rhythm. Some anchors are part of our day or our week and they keep our routine going from season to season. Some anchors are literally stations in our household where learning takes place.

Weekly Anchors

The weekly anchors in our routine begin with church on Sunday. Monday is cleaning day; Tuesday is library day, Wednesday we sometimes go to church again, Thursday is a heavy project day, Friday is parkday or zooday or a museum, Saturday we help Grandma and then we are back to Sunday again.

Daily Anchors

The day breaks down in much the same fashion. We start by taking the dogs out to play and water the garden, followed by a nutritious breakfast, worksheets, memory work and Bible time. After Bible time we will have lunch and do any special projects I may have planned. In the afternoon the kids go play while I make dinner and then we read books after bath and before bed.

Our daily routine is broken up by five minute clean-ups, a little something I learned from the Duggar's. Kids need help achieving goals just like we grown ups do. So we stop and do a five minute clean up on the house about three times per day and anytime we are leaving for a while.

Anchor Stations

Some of our station anchors are permanent and some change seasonally. One very important permanent station is the reading corner made up of a comfy chair and books, surrounded by artwork.

Reading corner
Our Reading Station

Another is the art shelves that house our school books.

art shelves
Art Display Station

 The garden is a semi permanent station as it changes seasonally...

Seasonal Station

We also have routine practical stations for things like breakfast and lunch...

breakfast station
Breakfast Station

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