Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Week of Fossils, Dirt and Dinosaur Hunting!

We spent the past week studying fossils,dinosaurs, and layers of the earth and getting very dirty in the mud. We began the week on Monday by studying the layers of the earth. This was a simple project that started with a worksheet and ended with a play doe model of Earth. I picked this idea up over at Our Aussie Homeschool, and she has some beautiful pictures and helpful worksheets as well. We also spent some more time reading over at Creation Science and reflecting on all the support for Intelligent Design found in dinosaur fossils and the study of the Earth's layers.

On Tuesday we studied the Grand Canyon and made homemade fossils with a recipe of flour and used coffee grounds. You can find the full recipe over at The Learning Table. She also has some better pictures.

On Wednesday we did the bulk of our workbook activities and reading as I was preparing for our grand finally on Thursday. Thursdays activities began with a list of indoor stations designed to keep the kids indoors while I created a dinosaur dig/hunt outside!

Inside Stations:

Station one involved making binoculars which were used to hunt dinosaurs later in the day.

Station two was a "make your own hieroglyphics" station. I set out a book on hieroglyphics from the library along with paper, scissors and markers. I did make one example to be decoded but didn't get a picture, sorry.

Station three was a rock identification station. We have an extensive collection of rocks. I displayed the rocks on a table along with several books and encouraged them to identify the rocks.

Station four of course was rock painting. We have a great little book with illistrations of how to paint rocks like different bugs and animals.


While the kids were busy inside, I was busy outside setting up the hunt. I started with some hand painted dinsours that I set out just like you would an Easter Egg Hunt. These were refered to as the "live specimens." Some of the fossils were already in our backyard. There was a giant carving of a bird in cement left by the family before us. This I refered to as a flying fossil. There were some footprints in the porch...I used this to point out that man and dinosaurs may have coexisted. I also burried fossils that I made earlier in the week, one of which had chicken tracks. I made sure I planted this chicken fossil next to the shed that we suspect used to be a chicken coop. Finally, there were some frozen fossils scattered around as well. These contained fish bones made from pasta. I also made a scavenger hunt check list so that they would know where to start and finish. It was a fun week and I am impressed with how much they remember from the reading.

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