Friday, March 2, 2012

Just an ordinary day in an Arizona homeschool

We don't always do week long unit studies, sometimes we just work in our workbooks and do ordinary things. On this particular ordinary homeschool day in Arizona we are winding down from a week of not feeling so well. My son had an ear infection at the beginning of the week and it took a couple of days to get the antibiotics right.

So, we started our week with a "field trip" to the doctor with two subsequent "field trips" to the pharmacy. I am using the term field trip very lightly in this instance. Anyway, in light our week, I thought today would be a great day to talk about how microorganisms multiply.

We began our day by growing yeast, one bowl with sugar and one without and then looked at the results under the microscope. We also looked at some raw honey under the microscope and discussed good and bad bacterias.

Since we were making yeast, I thought we would follow up by making honey wheat bread bowls for lunch. Sorry, no picture of that.

We also made homemade lemonade as my husband brought home a bunch of fresh lemons that someone at work brought in, a common occurrence here in Arizona in the Spring.

We ended the morning by welcoming Spring with "Three Sister's Soup." You can find the recipe over at Considering frugal.

On an ordinary day in Arizona or an extraordinary day for that matter, we have some workbooks that we like to use. They come in grade appropriate levels from pre-k to 6th. They are called "Brain Quest" and I order them for cheap on Amazon. They cover all the basic subjects on an ordinary day.

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