Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Arizona homeschool student guest blogger/Morkies

As a part of our grammar studies my daughter compiled a paper on Morkies, a special breed of dog that we plan to bring home soon.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to build both grammar skills and responsibility.  I promised my daughter Chloe that if she did a good job on this project that she could post it as a guest blogger.  So, here you go, "All About Morkies" by Chloe Fuller.

All About Morkies

     A Morkie is a Maltese and Yorkshire terrier mix and it has lots of personality.  A Morkie is a good family dog. A Morkie is also a good watch dog.  A Morkie is a small dog.  It will be 3 to 10 pounds when it is full grown.  It is about a pound right now.

     We have visited Petco and priced some important things.  The following chart shows what we found.
$7.99 each
Iam’s Food
$14.99 bag
Hanging tag
Shampoo and tear remover

We will also pay to bring our Morkie home from the breeder.  We will name our morkie “Hulk.”  He is a boy.

     A Morkie needs attention.  A Morkie needs brushed daily and it needs its eyes cleaned daily with tear remover.  A Morkie needs its teeth brushed daily.  Early in life, a morkie will need 3 small meals per day.  It will need potty breaks morning, evening, and after every meal.  A Morkie is somewhat fragile so be gentle.  They like car rides and may also get separation anxiety.

Great Job Chloe!!
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