Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Interactive map helps Arizona student learn states

We recently wrapped up a study of United States History by making a decoupage map of the US including Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii.  The project took about two weeks (you must allow drying time between layers), and there was a chance to learn something new everyday from state to mountain ranges to oceans.  It was also a good chance for my daughter to learn to work with a project time line and stay with it. 

We began by printing and tracing a large outline of North America and painting a base on the board.  I believe we had to blow up the image and then print it off on several pieces of paper and then patch it back together.  The next day we decoupaged the mountain ranges and painted the oceans and land details.  The day after that we filled in the state lines and the following two or three days the state labels themselves.  I allowed labeling to stretch out over a few days for better memory retention.  Once we had all the states and major attractions labeled, I had my student make fun embellishments like Northern Lights made of glitter and stars and volcano's made of fire.  We added cotton balls to the 'Smoky Mountains.'

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