Monday, January 31, 2011

Learning About Local Birds Making Birdfeeders

My fourth grader recently completed a chapter of science on birds and rather than have her memorize every bird (don't get me wrong memory work has it's place) we chose to make homemade bird feeders and food.  It just so happened that the very same week we were doing this study we stumbled across a lovely website that detailed how to make food that would attract different types of birds, as we are lifestyle learners I jumped on this opportunity to deepen the lesson and we spent the entire day making food and feeders! 

As usual I brought my pre-schooler into the mix and let him in on the fun with simple pine cone feeders such as the one pictured below (ours did not turn out so picturesque) but hey, he had fun and felt like part of the group.
Making homemade bird feed and feeders not only helped my daughter solidify the local birds in her head (a great characteristic of lifestyle learning) but it also taught her a bit about food science and recycling as well. 

You can read more about how to make homemade bird food and feeders over at the Organic Housekeeper.
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