Thursday, October 7, 2010

Make a Solar System

solar system project
Solar System Project
Project based learning can be so much fun and it really drives a topic home.  When we studied the solar system we made a solar system.  While I am somewhat crafty; I cannot call it my gift nor do I have a vast amount of materials on hand.  I often find myself improvising so that I can use up and recycle what I have around the house.  So, here is our solar system; improvise to make your own unique version.


For our solar system we used string, a foil box tube, Styrofoam balls, paper clips and bits of old craft paint.  If you do not have a foil box tube then a wire hanger will do the trick.  We simply painted the planets and then after they dried we stuck the paper clips in much like you would for a Christmas ornament and attached them in order to the tube.  The rings on Saturn were made with half a pipe cleaner.  I have also seen molecules assembled this way using the addition of push pins. For our curriculum we use #Apologia, Exploring Creation with Astronomy...It is my favorite!
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