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Teaching to your child's learning style

teaching to your child's learning style
Teaching to Learning Style
Teaching to your child's particular learning style can make the home school process much more efficient and productive.  If you homeschool in Arizona you enjoy quite a bit of freedom in the curriculum you choose and the way that you plan your schedule so take advantage of it and plan around your child's learning style.

There are three primary learning styles to be aware of when homeschooling.  Visual Learners learn by seeing, Auditory Learner's learn by hearing and Kinesthetic Learners learn through movement.  Most children, especially young ones, will exhibit a bit of all three learning styles, but determine which learning styles each of your children learns thought the best and you can tailor your curriculum and routine to these learning style needs.  As you do this your child will begin to retain more information and you may even find that homeschooling becomes easier.  My oldest daughter is a visual learner while my young son is very kinesthetic, it was not until I started catering to my son's kinesthetic learning needs that my daughter was able to gain the peace and quiet she needed to do her fourth grade math. 

Likewise I also discovered what my own learning style and preferred teaching methods were.  I too am a kinesthetic learner and I prefer to teach using kinesthetic methods like special projects, crafts, songs and games.  The method we have chosen as a family is project based learning consistent with Waldorf and Montessori methods.  Project based learning means that in addition to our traditional curriculum we look for teaching moments everywhere we go.  Project based learning is a great method if you are homeschooling children of different ages as it is very flexible and efficient.

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