Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Homeschooling in a Small Space

Homeschool in a Small Space
You Can Homeschool in a Small Space

When our family first downsized from a house to an apartment I was very concerned about how I would home school our small children, but it worked out great. Here are a few tips:

1. Stay organized. I found that if I organized the kids worksheets and lesson plans in folders at the beginning of each week they were easy to keep track of. I have one large basket (kept out of reach) where I store the folders along with my teachers manuals.

2. Give them time to burn off that extra energy. When you live in a small space they kids don't get out as much, so we have recess. I plan a recess time; usually mid morning works best for my children.

3. Know your kids. My daughter works best in the afternoon and evening; my son is most alert in the morning. So, I work with my son in the morning, he is younger and in the afternoon (after recess) he goes down for a nap and my daughter can get some serious work done.

4. Frequent the library. Many times there is not much room for storage when you downsize; make use of the library for books, DVDs and software.

You may also want to consider making Mobile School Baskets.
No matter what size home you have Anchors, Routines and Stations can help organize your day.
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