Monday, August 2, 2010

Free Homeschool Materials

Finding Free Homeschool Materials
Don't Forget the Library
You may be a home school family or just want to supplement your child’s education; whatever the case there are hundreds of websites that offer free printable materials and advice. Here is a list of the best.

DLTK offers free printable pages; craft projects as well as lesson plans. They are also a great place to find links to other free resources.

• Find free language lessons including printable Spanish worksheets at Home Education Resource. Click here for a link to more printable Spanish and English lists and resources.

• Free lessons that teach about fossils, dinosaurs and archeology from the perspective of Intelligent Design can be found at the Jonathan Parks website. These lessons are listed as home schooling, but each lesson only takes about 20 minutes and they are great especially if you want to supplement your child’s science education.

• Free lists of Site Words can be found at the School Bell; these lists are great for beginning readers. Pick a list and review it at bed time and you will help your child with his or her reading.

• Free Bible studies as well as cursive tracer pages can be found at A Kid’s Heart.

• Find links to great Arizona family field trips at Arizona Edventures; some are free, some are low cost and all are great family fun.

• An inexpensive Abacus can be purchased at Toys R Us; learn how to use it at Good Math, Bad Math. Get free math tutoring and math lessons online at Purple Math.

• Finally find lots of great science projects for all ages at They also have great books that can be purchased at their website or used on Amazon for 75% off.

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