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Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Curriculum
Did You Know You Can Get Textbooks at Your Library?
It is easy to get overwhelmed when choosing a home school curriculum. Making it very important to 'just stick to the facts.'
What are the ages of your children? 

There are two routes you can take with elementary age children.  You can either order a traditional curriculum that is all inclusive such as #Abeka or #Apologia; or you can purchase a guide book such as "What your child needs to know in (insert grade here)" and download worksheets and printable ideas from the Internet.  Should you choose this route you can find lots of helpful links to the right of this blog post.  If your children are older then you may need to consider a more formal curriculum. 

What is your faith?

Most curriculum teaches from a perspective.  You will need to consider your perspective when choosing a curriculum.  #Apologia is my favorite curriculum for teaching science from a Creation perspective. I teach from a curriculum that only considers intelligent design however I want my children to be educated on the evolutionary perspective because I believe it will strengthen their knowledge about creation.  So, I supplement this book with lessons from Jonathan Park about evolution from a creationist perspective.

How will you teach?

Some home school parents are very creative and want the freedom to think up all kinds of crafts and science projects but more often than not we need a set lesson plan.  There are even curriculum's that do the teaching for you through video conferencing (see #Abeka).

A word on online education.

Many home school families are beginning to use online charter schools.  These schools will send you a computer and free supplies as well as providing the services of a teacher.  These schools are working well for lots of families and they may be a good fit for you.  The important thing to remember with online education is that you are enrolling your child in a school that is part of the public school system and therefore you could be muddying the waters a bit.  If you use an online school you need to consider the fact that you are giving the public school system access to your private home. 

More resources for schooling online....
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