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Affordable Field-trip Ideas

Affordable Field trips
Affordable Field Trips

Vertuccio Farms (Pizza Farm)

Vertuccio Farm is a working farm build in the shape of a Pizza for the purpose of educating students of all ages about the different working aspects of a farm. In addition to a guided tour of the farm you can pick your own pumpkin, ride a children’s train, and pet animals.

Farm Website @

Arizona Museum of Natural History

The Arizona Museum of Natural History is an educational museum with archeological treasures of every kind from Native artifacts to dinosaur bones; as Arizona is the site of many fossil graveyards there will be exhibits that display materials located right here in the state. For a minimal cost of $4 per visitor we will have access to all museum exhibits.

Cerreta Candy Factory

Cerreta Candy Company will give a 30 minute factory tour that will end with a candy sample. There is a free parking area at the factory.
Cerreta Candy Company @

Japanese Friendship Garden

The Japanese Friendship Garden is an authentic peek into Japanese life and culture; learn about Japanese plants, architecture and culture. Enjoy a guided tour of the garden and ceremonial tea house with the secret door and learn about the tea ceremony; at tours end the children will be invited to feed the garden fish. Cost is $3 per person.
Japanese Friendship Garden @

Imagination Avenue

Imagination Avenue is a complete indoor town of play houses and buildings. It is safe for children of all ages; everyone must play in their socks, including adults.

Read more at their website @

Arizona Hall of Flame Museum

The Arizona Hall of Flame Museum is all about firefighting. A real firefighter will take you on a guided tour followed by a story about a real fire. At the end of this one hour tour children will play on a real fire engine and then we will go outside for ½ hour of water play and organized “Bucket Brigade” fire games.

Arizona Hall of Flame Museum @
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